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The appearance of a fluctuation (softening of Finasteride pills) indicates that a true abscess of the Bartholin gland has developed, and a purulent capsule has formed in its cavity. Does bartholinitis go away on its own? If there is a slight inflammation, then self-healing is quite likely. Still, the problem should not be ignored. Even with a mild form of bartholinitis, it is better to consult a doctor and undergo a course of treatment. This will help prevent the development of possible complications (involvement of other tissue areas in the process).

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Advanced forms of the disease require careful diagnosis and adequate therapy under strict medical supervision. In some cases, purulent cysts rupture without surgery, but after that, treatment will still be required - antibiotics will need to be taken. If, due to inflammatory changes, the entrance to the vagina is completely blocked, you should go to the gynecologist immediately. Otherwise, serious consequences are possible, which will make the treatment long and difficult.

There are cases in which even maternal immune complexes do not protect the baby from the negative effects of infectious pathogens. So, for example, with the penetration of gonococcal and trichomonas infections in the fetus, a lag in the development of organs and systems may occur, and specific malformations may also form. It is very important to know at what stage of pregnancy the disease developed. The most dangerous period of infection is the first week of Propecia and up to 13 weeks inclusive. At this stage of pregnancy, pathological organisms can cause the fetus to Finasteride online. Thus, with signs of bartholinitis in a pregnant woman, you should immediately contact a specialist.

As a result, a specific pathogen is determined. Cultural method for determining the causative agent of the disease putI eat it growing in a special nutrient medium. Polymerase chain reaction is an innovative molecular biological technique that allows to identify the causative agent of bartholinitis.

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Modern gynecology has a whole list of effective methods of treating bartholinitis, both conservative and surgical. The chosen tactics of treatment of bartholinitis depends on the stage of inflammation. At the stage of canaliculitis, conservative treatment is indicated: